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10 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses to Elope In

Filed in Portrait — January 24, 2022


You’re a little outside the box – and you know a traditional wedding with all of the “fluff” isn’t for you.  If you aren’t drawn to the white princess gowns you see in bridal shop windows and you’re looking for something unique, this guide is for you!  Here are 10 wedding dresses to elope in, and some ideas for choosing your unique elopement outfit.

For a lot of couples, after they decide to elope, a whole new world opens up. A world where you get to make every decision for your wedding day. Where you aren’t bound by obligations and expectations. One where you can ditch the traditions that don’t suit you.  And one of those traditions might include the dress!

10 Non Traditional Wedding Dresses to Elope In

To get you inspired, here are 10 of my favorite unique wedding dresses to elope in! 

1. A Beaded Diamond Dress

They may not be actual diamonds, but this dress definitely sparkles!  Each dress from Flutter Dresses is hand made and can be customized to you.  The Diamonds Dress is one of the most incredible non-traditional wedding dresses to elope in. This dress features a sheer mesh layer on top with shimmering sequins, beads and pearls that catch the light beautifully.

2. A Boho Bridesmaid’s Dress

Shopping in the bridesmaids’ section of traditional bridal stores is a great way to find unique wedding dresses to elope in.  They tend to be less expensive, and can offer a great pop of color or a non-traditional style that you may love for your anything but cookie cutter wedding day.  BHLDN has a really great selection of bridesmaid’s dresses, and the Belize Dress is a great option.  It’s off white, with leafy lace detailing – it’s laid back and casual, but still elegant!

3. A Boho, Flowy Dress

The Sandra dress from Daci Gowns is the perfect boho wedding dress for an adventure elopement!  You can see one of my favorite Daci Gowns dresses in action during this elopement in the sand dunes – the flowy, layered skirt looks absolutely stunning blowing in the wind.  The A line top with a deep V and an open back give it a romantic vibe that’s casual but elegant.  The dress and silk chiffon skirt also catches the light in the most gorgeous way!

4. A Convertible Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is the perfect non-traditional attire for an elopement… but this unique Babi Popy Jumpsuit from BHLDN has an additional twist!  The sweeping skirt is detachable, so you can wear it for your ceremony, then take it off for the reception and party comfortably in the crepe jumpsuit!  The skirt is open in the front, so the modern jumpsuit is visible from the front when the skirt is on, creating a really fun, one of a kind look.

5. A Dramatic Cape

Adding a cape to your dress is the perfect way to give a wedding dress a little extra oomph!  This Jenny Gown features a dramatic, sweeping cape that buttons at your neck.  It’s perfect for an elopement, giving you a stylish flair and creating a really unique look for your adventurous wedding day!

6. A Studded Gown

If you aren’t feeling the white gown, but aren’t too into a dramatic pop of color either, opt for a neutral toned dress, like this oatmeal colored gown by Willowby.  The Mercury dress, which you can see more of during this Moab elopement, is covered in gorgeous silver studs, giving it dimension and a unique look.  It’s the perfect non traditional wedding dress to elope in, with its one of a kind boho look and fashion magazine worthy elegance!

adventure elopement

7. A Satin Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are the perfect twist on a traditional wedding dress – and this satin jumpsuit from Lulu’s offers a more casual, relaxed style perfect for a laid back elopement day.  If you’re planning on hiking, or you’re tying the knot on the beach and you don’t want your elopement attire to be too bulky, this is absolutely perfect!

8. A Two Piece Wedding Dress

Even at more traditional shops like David’s Bridal, you can find some modern, non-traditional wedding dresses to elope in!  This dress is a two piece, and separating the top from the skirt is a really unique look that’s perfect for a non traditional elopement day.

9. A Fringe Dress

Adding some fringe definitely takes a wedding dress up a notch and makes for a unique gown!  Fringe is perfect for a boho wedding, a cowboy-esque elopement… like this one in Moab! This Belle dress from Daci Gowns has a gorgeous fringe hanging from the long bell sleeves, an edgy slit, and stunning detail on the neckline and around the train.

10. A Black Velvet Dress

Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be white – and when it comes to something as unique as an elopement, a black dress might be the perfect anti-tradition way to make a statement!  Black dresses look elegant, and absolutely stunning, and this black velvet dress from Flutter Dresses is no exception.  The dress features an off the shoulder top, sheer sleeves, and lace detailing, and is the perfect non traditional wedding dress to elope in.

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress to Elope In

Choosing a wedding dress to elope in is so different from choosing a dress for a traditional wedding day.  To help you make a decision, here are a few tips.

Think About What You’ll Be Doing

When you’re eloping, you’ll likely be moving around a lot.  Before you decide on a dress, think about what you have planned.  Comfort is so important, so choose a dress that works for you and your plans!  For example, if you’re planning to walk a lot, a looser skirt will be much more comfortable and give you much more freedom.  Choose a dress that’s comfortable, fits well, and allows you to move freely!

Elopement Dress Fabrics

When you’re looking at elopement dresses, think about the fabric that it’s made of!  Lighter fabrics (like tulle and chiffon) are usually more comfortable in hot weather, and the lighter weight can be better for hiking.  Heavier fabrics (like silk and velvet) are nice for colder weather, because they’ll keep you warm!

There Are No Rules!

The most important rule of shopping for elopement dresses, is that there are absolutely no rules!  Keep in mind that eloping means you can do absolutely anything!  If your heart tells you that a bright red suit is the way to go, or a big white ball gown, or anything in between, this is your wedding day, and you can wear anything that feels right.
As an elopement photographer, part of my job is to be your cheerleader through this whole thing – so if you’ve made the brave decision to elope, contact me, and let’s do this!

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