Some of my fav memories come from unplanned moments - like last minute plans, turned all day adventures.

Or when your best friend pulls you aside to dance like nobody's watching to "your jam."

Your wedding will be documented with a deep understanding that the people who are celebrating alongside of you are a gift that isn't guaranteed... and it's my honor to be able to preserve that for you.

For the moments you want to remember forever.

coco chanel

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

"Her goal is to make couples feel connected and we absolutely felt more connected after! The photos turned out dreamy and beautiful." — Mallory + Jesse

"If you're lucky enough to have the chance to work with Bree, don't hesitate for a second. Bree's commitment to capturing the essence of our love story, from every laugh to every tear and intricate detail, is truly remarkable. She effortlessly transforms these moments into timeless masterpieces, allowing us to cherish them for a lifetime. It's as if we're transported back in time, reliving the magic of our special day over and over again.

Looking back on our wedding day, Bree stands out as one of our favorite memories. Her ability to keep us fully immersed in the moment and deeply connected is something we'll always treasure. We can't thank Bree enough for her unwavering support before, during, and after our wedding, guiding us every step of the way. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making our day truly unforgettable!" — Katie + David

the details

My Virgo sun means that I'll help you with prep every step of the way.  That's right... our journey together will start well before your wedding day!  You'll fill me in on all of the juicy details and meaning behind your elopement plans, then we'll fine-tune and finalize things together.

On your wedding day, I've got you covered so you can truly enjoy each moment.

the experience

Then once we have even the smallest of details ironed out, my Sagittarius moon will kick in and I'll be able to help you embrace the day and even leave room for the unexpected along the way.

Chances are, the unplanned moments will probably be your favorite memories!

your story captured your way

That's totally normal!  Together, we can find the perfect location - whether that's local or across the world.

The beauty of being in this industry is that I already have a list of places that I LOVE to share with my eloping couples.

And if none of those fit your vibe, we'll come up with some new options together!

What if we don't have a location yet?

If you know you 100% want me to be your ride-or-die wedding day sidekick, I'd be honored to share my availability with you!

Then, you can choose a day where you know we'll be able to make magic together and won't have to worry about receiving the dreaded, "I'm already booked" email.

Can we choose our date with you?

I do custom packages, so travel will already be covered in your packages.  This means that you won't have to worry about any additional trip fees from me!

If you inquire about a wedding across the country, your packages mean that I'll be at your wedding in that location, no matter what my final cost of travel is.

What do you charge for travel?

One million percent, absolutely YES!  I love engagement sessions because they give us a chance to get to know each other before your big day!

Plus, then we can tell more of your story beyond the wedding day.

You even have the option of doing a Super 8 film during your e-sesh too!


Yes!  I have both a 35mm film camera and a super 8 film video camera so can do both photo and video on film.

There's just something that hits different when it's film, right?!

Do you shoot film?

You absolutely can and about half of my couples do!

If you do both photo/video through me, you'll have 2 primary shooters so we can make sure no moment is missed.  Myself on either photo or video and another incredible shooter on the other!

Can we do both photography AND videography through you?

editorial vibes

documentary approach

nostalgic feel

documenting the
moments that feel alive.

minnesota — beyond

minnesota — beyond

It's looking at your wedding gallery and film for the first time and knowing that the images capture people's souls. It's never understanding how beautiful you are until you can see yourself fully, completely immersed in all of the little moments on your wedding day.

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