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Elopement in Moab, Utah

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Vintage Adventurous Inspired Elopement

I came across a post in an elopement group on Facebook the other day. It was from a bride who said her elopement didn’t make her feel special. She didn’t feel like a bride should on her wedding day.

(As a disclaimer, I’ve rarely heard people say this. Often times it’s the brides who’ve opted for traditional weddings wishing they’d gone smaller.)

I was not her photographer, so I truthfully don’t know the full story of what their elopement day looked like. However, I can imagine plans were only made for 2 or 3 hours. The photographer was most likely only present during this time for the ceremony and a few pictures. As a result, they were left wondering what to do the rest of the day.

I see elopement inquiries come in all the time for just a couple of hours of coverage and I wouldn’t expect anything less! Also, it’s absolutley okay to think this is what elopements are if you haven’t been shown any differently!

Because I have the inside scoop, it’s my job to educate so that no bride feels let down by their elopement… which can and should be an incredible experience!

Picture This:

You sit down to pick an elopement location and ultimately agree on having a desert wedding in Utah.

Obviously, you’re both ecstatic!

You can already imagine the photos. They’ll be gorgeous!

And you can picture the spot where you’ll be saying your vows. Likely, this will be overlooking the incredible Moab scenery.

But what else do you do to make your elopement day feel extra special?

When planning your elopement, the most important thing is to consider how you want your day to feel.

Do you want the day to feel adventurous and exciting or romantic and intimate?

Here are some ideas to turn your elopement plans from one-size-fits-all into uniquely your own.

First, consider what time of day you want to elope.

Do you want to get up before the sunrise and have the whole day ahead of you?

This is a great way to give yourself two golden hours (a photographer’s dream!). You’ll have the epic sunrise lighting for your ceremony. Then, you can end your evening with an extra set of sun-drenched photos.

This sounds perfect, right?

It absolutely can be! Just be sure to consider that you may want to plan in some down time or if you’re a napper, don’t be scared to schedule this! Planning in a 30 minute snooze to reap the benefits of a sunrise elopement might be exactly what you need to feel happy and energized on your elopement day.

If you’re anything like me, you already know that your ideal wedding day involves a slow, coffee filled, start. Because of this, I’ll be snoozing right through the sunrise come my own wedding day.

You know yourselves better than anyone, so dig deep to figure out what will make you feel like your best and most bridal selves come elopement day!

Next, decide how you want to get ready.

Will you be getting ready with or without your partner?

Some couples help each other get ready. Others are totally separate until their first look or ceremony. There are even some who do a combination of the two! They’re together until it’s time to get dressed, then will do a first look post wedding attire.

One benefit of getting ready together is that you get to experience more of your elopement day together.

Otherwise, if you love a good reveal, waiting to see each other until you’re ready might be for you.

Now it’s time to choose what you’ll do to make your elopement feel fulfilling! This will also help fill in your timeline.

Adrenaline junkies, consider doing an activity… like renting a vehicle to cruise around in or going on a boat ride!

I know it sounds counter intuitive to reserve a photographer (or videographer!) and then plan things other than posing for photos while you have them, but your photographer will thank you for this!

For me, elopements are more than an 8 hour photo shoot. It’s about documenting your epic wedding day in and your adventures.

For the couples wanting a more intimate and romantic day, set aside time to watch the sunset together, bring a private chef to your AirBNB to cook for you and plan that dang first dance under the stars.

Remember, elopements and micro weddings deserve no less than a traditional wedding.

They just prioritize different aspects of the day, like spending time together, going on an adventure and being able to take the time to fully enjoy your day and the true meaning behind a wedding.

Finally, if you’re currently planning a 2 hour elopement…

Be honest with yourself.

Consider whether you will feel let down by not giving your elopement plans the attention, sense of adventure or romance they deserve.

I know it can be tempting to cut costs since you’re going small. Saving money is awesome! Just remember not to do that at the expense of your ideal day.

After all, if there’s one day to be a little extra or to create new memories together, it’s your wedding day.

Just think of me as your third wheel and I’ll help you plan an incredible elopement day that will leave your heart full.

Craving more adventure wedding inspo? Check out this sunrise Moab elopement!

Moab Elopement Vendors

Photography – Breeanna Kay Photography
Retreat Hosts – Michael’s Chapter, Cally Films, Dallin & Cienna
Dessert – Taylor-Made Cake
Gown – Off White Bride
Florist – Olive & Sage Floral
Rentals – The Boheme Project

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  1. Silvia says:

    the most stylish elopement ever, love the whole gallery!

  2. Cara says:

    Holy crap this styled elopement in Moab is gold. Vintage vibes like no other. Loving every bit of this!

  3. Adriana says:

    I love the car shots with all the dust, so great! Amazing job!

  4. Dila says:

    I love this! Absolutely yes to elopement!

  5. These photos are incredible! I love all of them, but the mood of the night shots is my favorite! Such great work!

  6. Jessica says:

    I totally agree – everyone should feel special and like they are having the best time on their elopement day! You’ve given couples some great things to think about, especially when it comes to the amount of time!

  7. liz koston says:

    What a beautiful shoot! I especially love the black cake! Great job walking us through what it’s like to plan a wedding at the Moab. Very informative.

  8. Kat says:

    You really nailed the look, vibe, and details here. Plus, her dress…wowza.

  9. Kristen says:

    Oh that photo shot through the car is amazing! This shoot looks like it’s pulled straight from a magazine! Beautiful work!

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