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It's looking at your wedding gallery and film for the first time and knowing that the images capture people's souls. It's never understanding how beautiful you are until you can see yourself fully, completely immersed in all of the little moments on your wedding day.

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My hope is to make wedding days less about crossing items off of a shot list and more about being present in the real, raw and unposed moments.

documenting the moments that feel alive.

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Unleashing New Girl Energy: Reviving Passion and Creativity in Your Photography Business

For Photographers, Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

The journey of a photographer and entrepreneur rarely follows a straight path. It’s strewn with challenges, learning curves, and the need to constantly adapt and reinvent oneself. In this exploration of Breeanna’s Manifesting Photographer Podcast, we embrace the concept of “New Girl Energy,” the invigorating sense of enthusiasm and boldness that is often harnessed during the nascent stages of one’s career. Here, Breeanna speaks on the transformative power of embracing this essence at any stage of your professional journey, offering practical tips to reignite passion, creativity, and a growth-oriented mindset.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harness ‘New Girl Energy’: Cultivating the excitement and boldness experienced when starting new ventures can awaken a refreshed business approach at any stage.
  • Embrace Growth and Learning: Adopt a mindset open to evolution, acknowledging the changing landscape of client expectations across generations.
  • Strategic Giving and Networking: Offering value and establishing collaborative relationships can create a community that propels personal and business growth.

The Essence of ‘New Girl Energy’ in Business

The term ‘New Girl Energy’—credited to Candice Coppola and echoed by Breeanna—captures the spirit of enthusiasm, excitement and not being scared to put yourself out there. Breeanna refers to this as the “boots on the ground, full steam ahead phase,” where fearlessness in marketing oneself is paramount.

“It’s that feeling when you’re in that boots on the ground, full steam ahead phase and you do what needs to be done and you put yourself out there because you haven’t learned not to yet.”

This energy is about being visible, establishing a presence, and seizing every opportunity, even when it makes one cringe in retrospect. It signifies a commitment to growth but also a warning against complacency. As Breeanna recalls, this vigor is critical when facing a “dip in demand” and necessitates a return to the basics of entrepreneurship—networking, marketing, and self-belief.

Mindset and Creativity: Catalysts for Growth

In the realms of business and artistry alike, the mindset one adopts can either be a springboard for success or an anchor to stagnation. Breeanna emphasizes the power of a positive mindset and how adopting an abundance mentality can transform your perspective.

“What causes us to lose that new girl energy is, more often than not, burnout…I realized that the only way that I was going to get my fire back…was to turn back to myself.”

She prompts listeners to turn to gratitude, build a supportive community, and maintain a lifelong openness to learning as essentials for nurturing a constructive mindset. Creativity is revived by disconnecting from digital distractions, engaging in playful activities, and seeking new experiences. It is this component that reinvigorates passion and leads to the pursuit of endeavors that may initially feel out of reach.

Collaboration and Generosity: Building a Supportive Network

A pivotal lesson Breeanna conveys is the role of generosity in networking and business development. By creating value for others, one fosters a foundation for lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, such as offering services to venues, one can widen their sphere of influence and unlock new opportunities.

“By offering my services and creating collaborative opportunities, I found a win-win situation… I provided value to the venues…and established a lasting connection built on trust and mutual benefit.”

This approach refutes the zero-sum game mentality, illustrating instead the benefits of a communal business ecosystem where success is shared and amplified through giving.

Revisiting these core aspects of ‘New Girl Energy,’ Breeanna’s insights stress the importance of reconnecting with one’s passions while adopting a proactive, community-oriented business strategy. She encourages an ongoing quest for inspiration and personal growth to keep the creative and entrepreneurial fires burning bright. This evolution is an endless cycle of relearning and rediscovery, prompting us to step into the world with the same vigor and fearlessness that once set us on this path.

Notable Quotes:

  • “New girl energy is that feeling of fresh excitement, confidence and curiosity that comes with starting something new.”
  • “When you’re in a season where you want to grow, it’s important to bring that new girl energy and not just sit around waiting for things to come to you.”
  • “Shift your perspective and embrace an abundance versus a lack mentality, everything changes.”
  • “By offering my services and creating collaborative opportunities, I found a win-win situation.”


Immerse yourself in the full episode for a more comprehensive understanding of how to harness New Girl Energy in your own life and keep the creative fires burning. Stay tuned for more episodes from the ‘Manifesting Photographer’ podcast to inspire and guide your entrepreneurial journey and spiritual growth.

About the Host:

Breeanna, or Bree, is not only the voice behind the ‘Manifesting Photographer Podcast’ but also a seasoned professional in the world of photography and videography. Bree makes her mark predominantly within the niche of small weddings. Based out of Roberts, Wisconsin, she has built a flourishing photography business over the course of nine years, with eight of those being full-time. Her journey from accounting to photography serves as an inspirational story for many looking to follow their passion. Alongside her photography work, Bree has extended her expertise into the realm of education, aiding other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking spiritual growth through their creative journeys.

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