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It's looking at your wedding gallery and film for the first time and knowing that the images capture people's souls. It's never understanding how beautiful you are until you can see yourself fully, completely immersed in all of the little moments on your wedding day.

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My hope is to make wedding days less about crossing items off of a shot list and more about being present in the real, raw and unposed moments.

documenting the moments that feel alive.

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Why It’s Essential to Hire an Experienced Wedding Photographer

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When it comes to choosing a photographer, it’s essential to go for someone who has experience in the field. However, so many couples still turn to a family friend to help cut costs and then end up disappointed! And trust me, your wedding photos are not something you want to be bummed about because they really are something you can’t redo.

Adaptability to Shoot in Different Lighting Conditions

Do you know how to handle different lighting conditions when taking photos? Experienced wedding photographers do, and that’s why it’s crucial to hire them. Regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, they know how to handle any lighting situation. So no matter if your photos are scheduled for a beautiful golden hour or a sunny afternoon, they’ll understand which areas will photograph well and which won’t and know how to work with the light they’re given to create something beautiful.

Reputation and Consistency

You want to make sure you hire someone who’s good, right? And thanks to the internet, you can find reviews and testimonials from past clients to research a potential photographer’s reputation. Going for a photographer with positive reviews and testimonials means you can trust them to capture meaningful moments of your special day. Beyond that, you can make sure they’re an enjoyable person for you to have by your side on your wedding day.

Artistic Style and Direction

You want your wedding photos to reflect your personality and style, right? Say no more; an experienced wedding photographer has years of experience developing their artistic style — both in editing and posing/directing. They will know how to flatter you with the right poses and direction to create stunning and personal photos. Every photo will capture the essence of you along with the emotions you felt on the big day.

Adjusting When Things Don’t Go Exactly to Plan

Let’s face it, not everything goes perfectly on your wedding day – and that’s okay! An experienced wedding photographer knows how to adjust and adapt when unexpected situations arise. Whether it’s a sudden downpour, timing changes, or any other unforeseen circumstance, they will remain calm and make the necessary adjustments to still capture amazing photos. You can trust their expertise and know that they will handle any unexpected challenges with ease.

Capturing Real Emotion and Genuine Moments

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself or someone you know and thought, “That’s not me”? When it comes to wedding photography, you want to feel represented authentically. An experienced wedding photographer has the expertise to capture spontaneous and candid moments, leading to real emotion and genuine photos. These photos tell the story of your wedding day, capturing the people and moments that you will cherish for life.

Acts as a Professional and Provides Excellent Customer Service

On your wedding day, you deserve a photographer who not only takes stunning photos but also acts professionally and provides an exceptional customer service experience. Experienced wedding photographers understand the importance of communication, promptness, and reliability. They will listen to your needs, answer your questions, and ensure that your experience with them is smooth and enjoyable. From the initial consultation to the delivery of your final photos, they will go above and beyond to make your wedding photography journey a breeze.

Peace of Mind on Your Big Day

Last but not least, hiring an experienced wedding photographer ensures a stress-free wedding day. There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed with having to keep up with a photographer’s instruction. However, experienced professionals come equipped to handle a variety of situations with grace and ease. They’ll make you feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your special day.

Hiring an experienced wedding photographer is an investment that guarantees your memories are preserved in the most beautiful and authentic way. I hope that my take on this topic will help you make an informed decision, and remember, take your time to find the perfect match for your style, vision, and personality!

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