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Tulum Elopement Guide – How to Elope in Tulum, Mexico

May 18, 2022


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If a traditional wedding isn’t for you, what better way to tie the knot than in the tropical paradise of Tulum, Mexico? With white sand beaches, crystal blue water and tons of jungles and trails to explore, a Tulum elopement is perfect for any couple… whether you want to spend your wedding day (and your honeymoon) relaxing in the sun or going for epic adventures – or both! 

But, planning a destination elopement can feel overwhelming! To help you plan a once in a lifetime elopement in Tulum, this guide has everything you need to know from navigating international marriage laws to figuring out wedding logistics abroad.

What You Should Know About Eloping in Tulum

Before we start planning your Tulum elopement, there are a few things you should know! 

Getting to Tulum

Tulum doesn’t have an airport, so you’ll want to fly into either Cancun Airport or Cozumel. From there, you can take a taxi or a bus to Tulum. However, if you fly into Cozumel, you’ll need to take a ferry ride to the bus station. You might consider a rental car if you want to venture far from where you stay – but for most couples, there’s plenty to do within walking distance in town or at the resorts! If you stay in town, consider renting a bike instead of a car.

Use Pesos, Not Dollars

A lot of local shops, restaurants, and smaller spots in Tulum will only take cash. Because of this, it’s best to be prepared with a way to pay that isn’t your credit card. Most places will accept US dollars, but while this is really convenient, paying with pesos often gets you more bang for your buck! Once you land in Tulum, I recommend withdrawing some pesos to get the best exchange rate.

Think About LNT

LNT stands for Leave No Trace, which is a set of 7 principles designed to guide how we spend time outdoors. It’s important to keep the environment safe and beautiful. Because Tulum has seen a big boost in travel recently, it’s extra important to make sure we keep the ecosystems safe and reduce waste. 

Some tips include bringing reusable water bottles, buying reef safe sunscreen and staying on the trails when hiking.

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The Best Time for a Tulum Elopement

It’s warm year round in Tulum, so no matter when you get married, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

The rainy season is June through October however, so despite the warm temperatures, you’ll likely see a lot of drizzle. While hurricanes aren’t too common, they are a possibility this time of year. Winter and spring are the best times to elope in Tulum, because it’s sunny and dry.

January through March are the busiest, so eloping before or after this peak is your best bet for finding a private elopement location.

Tulum Elopement Locations – The Best Places to Elope in Tulum

Finding a place to exchange vows is exciting – but with so many gorgeous locations, it can feel overwhelming! To help you narrow down your Tulum elopement location options, here are a few of the best places to get married.

An All Inclusive Resort

When it comes to eloping in Tulum, some of the best places to tie the knot are the all inclusive resorts. These make a really convenient elopement location, because you have everything you need in one place! You have somewhere to stay, a gorgeous ceremony spot and a reception location if you’re inviting guests. Many resorts have beachfront views and often include a coordinator to help your day come to life! 

Some of the best resort elopement locations in Tulum include the Dreams Resort and Spa, Palladium, and Kore Tulum Retreat.

An AirBNB or Hotel

While some boutique hotels and AirBNB’s may let you get married on their property, others have a no wedding policy. Even if you’re not getting married where you stay (like at an all inclusive resort) consider these seriously jaw dropping hotels to stay in!

(Remember, this will likely be the place where you’re getting ready the morning or your wedding and possibly even dine at night! Also, being in such an aesthetic location will add to your epic elopement adventure!)

A Jungle

Before it developed into a resort town and a popular tourist destination, Tulum was miles of untouched jungle! There are a ton of gorgeous off the beaten path elopement locations in the lush greenery. Espacio Chechen is a popular spot for jungle elopements and you can find plenty of private spots to say your vows.

A Cenote

A cenote is a natural pit that forms from collapsing limestone bedrock that fills with water. These gorgeous pools of blue water make for an incredible backdrop for your elopement. If you’re feeling up for it, you can even hop in for a swim! Some of the most gorgeous Tulum elopement locations include Cenote Zacil-Ha and the underground Cenote Ik Kil.

Getting Legally Married During Your Tulum Elopement

Doing the paperwork at home is easier when it comes to getting legally married for most couples. This way, you can have a symbolic ceremony when you elope in Tulum, without worrying about papers and legal stuff. Navigating getting married abroad can make things more difficult, so it can save you some stress! 

But, if you decide to get legally married during your Tulum elopement, here’s what you need.

Your passports need to be valid for six months from the day you arrive. Additionally, both you, your fiancé and your two witnesses need to be in Mexico for at least three days before the ceremony. You’ll need to bring passports and birth certificates, and go to the local registry office in Mexico to get a marriage application form. A blood test written in Spanish (so get it done in Mexico) is required as well.

All documents need to be Apostilled (authenticated) before you go to Mexico, which in US states is done at the Office of Authentication.

After you have all of the paperwork, you’ll get your marriage license and you can get married! You’ll need an ordained celebrant, plus two witnesses to sign. Afterwards, you’ll get a certified copy of your marriage certificate, which makes you legally married.

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Tulum Elopement Packages

When you’re planning your Tulum elopement, hire an elopement photographer early on!

My job is to help you plan the perfect day – which means I’ll recommend ceremony locations, help you navigate marriage laws, create a timeline of the day, and be your planning assistant and adventure buddy throughout the entire thing.

If you’re ready to plan the elopement of your dreams, contact me to learn more about my Tulum elopement packages!

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