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Rediscovering Balance: The Empowering Practice of Think Week for Entrepreneurs

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

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Key Takeaways

  • Reflect and Refresh: The practice of Think Week involves taking dedicated time to unplug, reflect on past achievements and failures, and strategize for the future.
  • Empowerment through Solitude: Taking time for yourself, especially in a new environment, can lead to transformative self-discovery and heightened confidence.
  • Organized Planning Increases Success: Structuring and planning your business around clearly defined goals and strategies drastically boosts productivity and financial outcomes.

Embracing the Think Week: The Ultimate Retreat for Entrepreneurial Vision and Renewal

In a world perpetually buzzing with notifications, emails, and mounting to-do lists, the concept of a Think Week emerges as a tranquil oasis for burnt-out entrepreneurs. Think Week, a term popularized by Bill Gates, transcends ordinary retreats by providing a structured yet liberating approach to introspection and strategic planning. Kassidy and Breeanna, through their engaging conversation on the Rebel CEO podcast, bring to light the transformative impact of this practice on both personal and professional landscapes.

Unplugging and Reflecting: The Core of Think Week

Understanding the Need to Disconnect

“Think of me as a friend who you’re sitting down for a coffee chat to catch up with… Dream big and realize you really can have it all.” Breeanna Kay’s Rebel CEO podcast strives to empower driven individuals, and the conversation with Kassidy doesn’t slack in this department at all. Despite her flourishing career in photography, videography, and coaching, Kassidy found herself on the brink of burnout by the end of 2021. Turning to the concept of Think Week, she sought an intentional pause to reassess and rejuvenate herself.

Kassidy explained, “I think the biggest thing is you can do it however you really want to do it. But for me, what it looked like was my first one was essentially like booking an Airbnb somewhere I love to go. And I just turned off my phone.” This deliberate act of disconnecting allowed her to eliminate distractions and focus on introspection actively.

Key Strategies for Reflection During her Think Week, Kassidy engaged in several reflective practices:

  • Turning off any form of communication.
  • Indulging in favorite foods to create a comfortable, nurturing environment.
  • Creating a mood board to visualize goals and aspirations.

These actions were not merely about relaxation but critical steps toward understanding past objectives, assessing achievements and failures, and setting new benchmarks for future success.

The Transformative Power of Solitude

Solo Adventures Foster Self-Discovery

One of the most profound takeaways from the podcast is the empowering nature of spending time alone. Kassidy’s recent adventure to Iceland for her Think Week exemplifies this. Enamored by Iceland’s magical landscape, she combined structured reflection with spontaneous solo adventures. As she recounted, “I would have never had that experience unless I chose to do it by myself… It’s so empowering. Think weeks are so empowering… it allows for you to realize, like, you can do whatever the fuck you want to do within your business, within your life.”

By embracing solitude, Kassidy discovered newfound confidence and drive. Her story highlights that, far from feeling lonely, time spent alone can be a potent catalyst for personal growth and self-empowerment.

Safety and Balance in Solitude While Kassidy’s solitary sojourn to Iceland sounds idyllic, she also ensured her safety by sharing her plans and location with close ones, thereby merging independence with pragmatism. “I shared my location with [my boyfriend], and I also would text him in the morning and in the night and be like, I’m safe. I’m alive,” she mentioned.

This balanced approach ensured that her solo Think Week was not only empowering but also secure, offering a template for others considering similar retreats.

Structured Planning for Enhanced Outcomes

The Financial and Personal Gains of Organized Planning

One of the hallmarks of Kassidy’s Think Week is the strategic planning component. “After I did the reflection piece, what I did then was I would plan out the year. So then I planned out 2022 in quarters,” she explained. By dividing the year into manageable segments, she could set realistic, achievable goals and track her progress effectively.

Boosting Financial Success The tangible results of these Think Weeks are staggering. Kassidy reported dramatic financial growth, attributing it directly to the strategic planning sessions during her retreats. “I was able to literally make double every time I did a Think Week,” she shared. By aligning her business goals with her personal passions and strengths, she not only increased her income but also found greater satisfaction in her various professional pursuits.

Maintaining Passion and Diversification Kassidy’s approach underscores the importance of maintaining passion and diversity in one’s work. As she stated, “I’m a jack of all trades. Like, I will gladly wear all the different hats. I don’t care. I don’t want to do one thing—that’s just not who I am.”

This philosophy reflects in her varied engagements, from photography and videography to coaching and retreats. By planning each segment of her business thoughtfully, she could give adequate attention to each passion without feeling overwhelmed.

Rediscovering Your Path Forward

The conversation between Bree and Kassidy on the Rebel CEO podcast show the impact of deliberate disconnection, reflection, and goal-setting. Think Week is more than a mere break; it is a strategic pause that equips entrepreneurs with clarity and renewed vigor. By stepping away from the noise and focusing on purposeful solitude, individuals can uncover new layers of creativity and drive.

While the idea of taking a week off might seem daunting in fast-paced professional lives, the tangible benefits highlighted by Kassidy’s experience serve as powerful motivation. As you ponder your next steps, consider the value of investing in your well-being and strategic vision through a Think Week. The empowering practice holds potential not only for revitalizing your business strategies but also for fostering a deeper connection with yourself. Dive in, plan thoughtfully, and you might find yourself more capable and inspired than ever before.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “For me, what it looked like was my first one was essentially like booking an Airbnb somewhere I love to go. I just turned off my phone and any form of communication for an entire week.” – Kassidy Marie
  2. “I really just took time to reflect on the year – what went well, what didn’t go well, how can I be better? What do I want to change?” – Kassidy Marie
  3. “The point of the entire thing is to be bored. Like, you have to figure out, like, what is it in the bored that you’re thinking and doing?” – Kassidy Marie
  4. “We rely so much on other people and their point of view and their opinions that we don’t even know what it’s like to listen to our own voice.” – Kassidy Marie


Dive into the full episode for a deeper exploration of how you can integrate the Think Week concept into your life, and stay tuned for more inspiring content from the Rebel CEO podcast!

About the Guest:

Kassidy Marie is an entrepreneur based in Nashville, Tennessee. With a background that spans across photography and videography to life and business coaching, Kassidy blends creativity with strategic insight. She has been in the photography industry for five years and has history as a business and life coach for seven years. Kassidy is also a celebrated podcast co-host of Level the F**k Up and retreat organizer.  She’s been feature in publications such as People, The Knot, and Southern Weddings. She is known for her transformative coaching sessions and immersive retreats, including the Level Up retreats held internationally.

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