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It's looking at your wedding gallery and film for the first time and knowing that the images capture people's souls. It's never understanding how beautiful you are until you can see yourself fully, completely immersed in all of the little moments on your wedding day.

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My hope is to make wedding days less about crossing items off of a shot list and more about being present in the real, raw and unposed moments.

documenting the moments that feel alive.

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Level Up Your Wedding Photography Biz with Unique Showit Website Templates

For Photographers

Are you a wedding photographer ready to take your business to new heights? Your website is your digital storefront and a powerful tool for attracting your dream clients. In this blog post, I’ll not only introduce you to my favorite Showit website templates but also share valuable tips to help you create an impactful and successful online presence. Let’s dive in and unlock the secret to a captivating wedding photographer’s website!

Northfolk.co – Blossom with Elegance and Functionality:

Capture the essence of romantic weddings with northfolk.co‘s unique and branded Showit website templates. These designs showcase a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, allowing your photography to shine without any distractions. To create an immersive experience for your clients, consider utilizing full-screen galleries, interactive sliders, and captivating storytelling layouts. Remember to incorporate your unique brand elements and color scheme to create a cohesive and visually stunning website.

This site takes the win for me in best Showit website templates for photographers who offer education.

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Tonicsiteshop.com – Craft Your Storytelling Journey:

Every wedding tells a beautiful story, and tonicsiteshop.com‘s Showit templates are crafted to take your audience on a captivating journey. Utilize their stunning blog layouts to share real wedding stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and heartfelt testimonials. Showcase your expertise by offering valuable content, such as wedding planning tips or a “Frequently Asked Questions” page that eases potential clients’ concerns. Remember, engaging storytelling will help create an emotional connection with your audience and establish trust.

This site is my fav for the best clean and minimalist Showit website templates for photographers.

Use the code BREEANNAKAY for 15% off at checkout!

Seventhmade.com – Infuse Fun and Authenticity:

Weddings are joyous occasions, and your website should reflect that! With seventhmade.com‘s vibrant Showit templates, you can infuse playfulness and authenticity into your online presence. Consider incorporating interactive elements, such as quizzes or countdowns, to engage visitors and add a touch of excitement. Showcase your personality through a carefully curated “About Me” page, sharing your passion for photography and the story behind your journey. Don’t be afraid to showcase some behind-the-scenes moments to give clients a glimpse into your creative process.

This site is my pick for the best Showit website templates for non-traditional photographers.

Use the code BREEANNA10 for 10% off at checkout!

Valuable Tips for Wedding Photographer’s Websites:

Optimize for Mobile Experience

Ensure your website looks and functions flawlessly on mobile devices since many couples browse for photographers on their smartphones. Simplify navigation, optimize image loading speed, and ensure text is easily readable to provide a seamless mobile experience.

Showcase Your Niche and Expertise

Highlight your unique style, whether it’s capturing intimate elopements, luxurious destination weddings, or whimsical outdoor ceremonies. Make it clear to potential clients that you specialize in capturing their dream wedding.

Create a Gallery That Inspires

Showcase your best work in a visually stunning gallery that showcases different wedding styles, emotions, and locations. Help potential clients envision their own dream wedding through your carefully curated portfolio.

Incorporate Testimonials

Include testimonials from previous clients to demonstrate your expertise, professionalism, and ability to capture magical moments. Social proof is a powerful motivator for potential clients in their decision-making process.

Contact and Booking Information

Make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you and inquire about your services. Include a clear and prominent contact form, your preferred method of communication, and a call-to-action that encourages them to take the next step.


By combining the captivating Showit website templates from Northfolk, Tonic Site Shop, and Seventh Made with these valuable tips, you will create a wedding photographer’s website that truly reflects your unique style and connects deeply with your dream clients. Remember, your website is not just a portfolio, but a storytelling platform that showcases your passion, expertise, and the unforgettable moments you capture. You can elevate your photography business and ignite the hearts of soon-to-be-wed couples with an exceptional online presence.

And don’t forget, you can enjoy a 15% discount at Northfolk and Tonic Site Shop with promo code BREEANNAKAY, and a 10% discount at Seventh Made with promo code BREEANNA10. Happy website building and best wishes for a thriving wedding photography business!

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