Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

The Art of Romanticizing Life and Creating an Authentic Brand: Insights from a Wedding Photographer

January 30, 2024


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Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Wedding photography is an intricate blend of art and profession where capturing lifetime memories is at the heart of the trade. Beyond the technicalities of snapping moments lies the essence of storytelling, which is led by the photographer’s personal journey, style, and philosophy. This idea is explored in this conversation from an episode of the “Manifesting Photographer Podcast” with Madison “Maddy” Miller, an intimate wedding photographer with a love for romantic nostalgia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace the Mundane: Find inspiration in your daily life.
  • Aligning Business with Creativity: Utilizing personal interests to add to your professional style and branding ensures an authentic and cohesive presence.
  • Navigating Personal Challenges: Understanding personal limitations, such as ADHD, and balancing work and family life can deeply influence business decisions and personal well-being.

Embracing the Everyday Magic: Finding Inspiration in the Little Things

“The Art of Noticing” should be the mantra for any entrepreneur looking to infuse their business with a deeper, more personal meaning. As Maddy states, “There’s always something in every day that I find inspiring.”This sentiment cuts to the heart of what makes her brand, Peach & Honey, resonate with an audience that seeks more than just a service—they seek a connection.

The act of romanticizing the simple pleasures of life, from a delicious breakfast to the dance of sunlight on domestic decor, echoes through Maddy’s work. This perspective scales beyond personal joy to a business approach that attracts clients drawn to the charm of life’s understated moments. By positioning these narratives at the forefront of her work, Maddy invites onlookers and clients alike to embrace the world’s subtle beauty.

Intersecting Life with Brand Aesthetics: Staying True to Your Narrative

When trying to figure out how one’s life journey ties together with professional branding, it becomes clear that remaining authentically aligned is hugely important. For creatives like Maddy, whose love for nostalgic and daydream-like scenarios has marked her career, this is non-negotiable. “The best part about us as small business owners… is we are our brand,” reflects Maddy, emphasizing the significance of personal identity in shaping a business image.

Combining past loves for theater and photography has allowed her to craft a unique image grounded in consistency and individuality. The photo of a pet or documentation of motherhood doesn’t detract from the brand—when executed with intention, these snapshots into every day, real life, enrich it.

The lesson here extends to all professions striving for a unique brand identity: the seemingly less “perfect” aspects of personal life can and should contribute to your professional image. This synchronization ensures a consistent message is present through every touchpoint, whether it’s a social media post, website photography, or customer interactions.

Harnessing Personal Struggles to Cultivate Business Resilience

Maddy opens up about her recent ADHD diagnosis. However, it’s also clear these challenges can foster unforeseen benefits, like an extra spark of creativity or fun date nights.

Understanding oneself—in Maddy’s case, acknowledging her ADHD diagnosis—provides the foundation for personal and business growth. Realizing her limit to the number of weddings she can take on without being overwhelmed by exhaustion and “wedding hangovers” highlights the necessity of self-awareness in business.

Episode Summary:

In this inspiring episode of the Manifesting Photographer Podcast, host Breeanna, also known as Bree, engages in a heartfelt conversation with Maddy Miller, the passionate intimate wedding photographer behind ‘Peach & Honey.’ Maddy shares her journey of finding inspiration in the simplest aspects of life, from the sunlight dancing on chandeliers to the delight of a tasty breakfast, reflecting the importance of being open to everyday magic.

The dialogue reveals the thoughtful considerations that feed into Maddy’s business philosophy, especially her approach to maintaining work-life balance and her selective booking strategy for weddings. Maddy also opens up about her recent ADHD diagnosis, offering a personal look at how she manages a thriving business while honoring her needs and creative drive. This episode is not just about photography; it’s a testament to embracing authenticity, cherishing the beauty in life, and aligning one’s business with deeply held values and aspirations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize and appreciate the small joys in life to stay inspired and foster creativity.
  • The importance of developing a strong and authentic brand identity that seamlessly integrates with personal values.
  • Embracing new opportunities for growth and allowing oneself to dream, while also staying grounded in the present moment.

Notable Quotes:

  • “There’s always something in every day that I find inspiring. And making sure that you are open to noticing those things I think is the most important.” – Maddy
  • “I fall in hopeless romantic territory with every single couple and get very daydreamy.” – Maddy
  • “I prioritize balance so much, I really do struggle with either turning people away or only taking on what I know I’m at my best at taking on as far as the amount of weddings.” – Maddy
  • “I’m a firm believer in [the idea that] you can romanticize anything.” – Maddy


For those who felt a connection with Madison Miller and her philosophy of finding inspiration in the beauty of the mundane, follow her journey on Instagram and TikTok at @_peachandhoney. Dive into the world of ‘Peach and Honey’ by visiting her website And do not miss the chance to experience the full episode with Madison, where she delves deeper into the art of balancing a business with personal growth and the pursuit of creativity. Stay tuned for more such magical conversations that promise to both enlighten and inspire.

About the Guest:

Madison “Maddy” Miller is an intimate wedding photographer based in Wisconsin with a flair for capturing the magic in everyday moments. She brings a unique blend of nostalgia and romance to her work through her brand ‘Peach & Honey.’ As a mother and a Canadian living in the United States, Maddy infuses her life experiences and her passion for storytelling into her photography. Additionally, she is devoted to the arts, taking on the role of co-director for high school musicals, showcasing her multifaceted creative talents.

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