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Do I Need A Videographer for My Wedding?

December 17, 2021


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Most couples agree that a photographer is a must for their wedding day – but when it comes to videography, couples are much more hesitant!  If you’re wondering, “Do I need a videographer for my wedding?” this guide will tell you why I think it’s worth every penny.

The truth is that not hiring a videographer tends to be the number one regret that couples have after their wedding!  So before you make a decision, check out these reasons to invest in a wedding film.

Misconceptions About Wedding Videos

For couples asking, “Do I need a videographer for my wedding,” there are a lot of reasons why they decide to skip it – so here are a few common ones, and why I think they’re not always accurate.

Videography is Expensive

Okay, this one isn’t exactly a misconception – truthfully, an experienced videographer can be pricey, and the added cost of adding a wedding film can be outside the budget. But, the misconception is that it isn’t worth the price.

Think of it this way – the only way to truly remember your wedding day is through photos and videos!  So… when you consider a videographer, it can help to see it as an investment rather than an expense.  It’s an investment in your memories, your experience, and your ability to see the story of your wedding long after it’s happened!  Photos and videos document your day in totally different ways (we’ll talk more about that later), and the added expense of a wedding film is so worth it. 

Videography Feels Awkward

It’s totally normal to worry about being in front of the camera, and to feel nervous about it!  Since you likely have (or will have) a photographer, it can be a little scary to think about adding more cameras.  But, it’s all about choosing experienced professionals.  Both photography and videography should be about capturing authentic moments – and while there will be some time for formal, posed shots, for most of the day your videographer will be much more of a fly on the wall, documenting the day as it naturally unfolds.  You might even forget they’re there!

Wedding Films Are Too Long – We Won’t Watch It

Some people believe that wedding films are basically a long documentary, with long clips from every part of the day.  Of course, if your wedding video was 90 minutes long, you probably wouldn’t watch it very often!

Different videographers can do things differently, so be sure to look into what they offer before you commit – but my goal with my wedding videos is to create a piece of art that highlights the best moments, in roughly 6 minutes. The film should capture the feeling of your wedding day, and give you something nostalgic, meaningful, and special – a video that you’ll love watching!

Most videographers will create these short highlight reels and some even offer longer documentary wedding films as an extra addition and I can guarantee that if you invest in a videographer that you love, it will be worth it!  It’s so special to be able to see your day weeks, months, even years after it’s happened and a lot of couples rewatch their wedding video on anniversaries!

Why You Need a Videographer for Your Wedding

Wedding photography is amazing – and definitely essential!  But, video captures moments and memories in a way that a photo just can’t, so here are a few reasons why you need a videographer for your wedding.

Videos Capture Sound

Imagine being able to hear your parents’ laughter or partner’s vows – in their voice, their tone, the exact way they delivered them on your wedding day.  Photos can show you how it looked, but a wedding videographer can show you how it sounded.  Connecting the visual memories to the audio makes it even more meaningful.

Videos Capture Movement

Photos capture a split-second moment in time, while videos capture movement.  Your wedding film will be made up of a collection of clips, each of which will be a few seconds long.  With a video, you can see the moments as they happened in real life, capturing the emotions and nostalgia in a unique way!

You Have a Keepsake From Your Wedding

There are so few things that truly last from your wedding day, and you’d be surprised how quickly memories fade.  Your wedding video will be a physical reminder of the best day of your life, and you’ll be able to watch it to see the story of your wedding day, forever! 

Not only will your wedding film be a great keepsake for you, it can also be a family heirloom one day, and kids, nieces and nephews, and grandkids will love being able to see it.

You Can Share it With People Who Couldn’t Be There

Inevitably, there will be people who love you who couldn’t make it to your wedding.  Whether you decided on an intimate wedding with fewer guests, or a few loved ones just had conflicting plans, being able to share your wedding film with them will be so meaningful!  It’s definitely great to share your wedding photos too, but a video can be a more curated way to tell the entire story.  Your loved ones will appreciate being able to see the most important moments!

You’ll Never Regret It

Plenty of couples regret not hiring a videographer – but the chances that you’ll regret hiring one once you see your wedding video are basically zero!  As long as you invest in a videographer whose work you love, there’s no way that you’ll wish you couldn’t see those meaningful moments documented on film, so when it comes to investing in a videographer, it’s so worth it to be able to experience the best day of your life, over and over.

Ready to Hire a Wedding Videographer?

As someone who does both photo and video, I know how important they both are, and how they can complement each other while providing totally different ways to re-experience your wedding day!  I’m all about giving you a film that’s curated to showcase the most meaningful moments, yet feels homemade and nostalgic. I f you’re ready to talk about adding a wedding film to your day, contact me!

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