Coping with Grief in a Positive Way: Remembering to Fully Live Life After Loss

February 27, 2024


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Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Grief touches almost everyone at some point, leaving us to navigate the complexities of loss and healing. In the heartfelt words of myself (Breeanna from the Manifesting Photographer Podcast), we discover not just the pain of personal loss, but also the journey toward finding meaning afterward. Below are key takeaways and reflective insights on embracing grief, honoring loved ones, and ultimately, living a life they would be proud of.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grief is an individual journey, and healing often requires embracing the full spectrum of emotions and allowing ourselves to process loss healthily.
  • Honoring lost loved ones can significantly aid in the grieving process and can be achieved through various remembrance practices that bring comfort.
  • Supporting someone who is grieving involves understanding their unique needs, offering a consoling presence, and helping them honor their loved one without resorting to clichés.

The Individual Journey of Grief

Grief is as unique as the individual experiencing it. Breeanna’s firsthand account of loss offers an intimate look at this personal journey, stressing that there’s no prescribed way to grieve. Instead, she encourages a process that reflects our individual needs and honors the relationship we had with the departed. 

“The moment you finally come together… The words that make you wish you could go back and change how you spent your time on earth,” says Breeanna, indicating the profound impact of hindsight on our grieving process. This sentiment reminds us that while grief can feel all-consuming, there is value in remembering that our loved ones would want us to live fully.

The broader implications of understanding grief as a personal journey challenge the one-size-fits-all mentality often prescribed in society. By recognizing and respecting individual grief experiences, we foster a more compassionate and supportive environment for healing and growth.

Honoring Lost Loved Ones Through Remembrance

For many, like Breeanna, finding ways to celebrate and honor a lost loved one provides a tangible connection to their memory and a path towards healing. Practices such as continuing birthday traditions or creating physical mementos establish a legacy that keeps the departed actively present in our lives. 

“I gave her the title of angel of honor,” recounts Breeanna, detailing the poignant way she included her sister in her wedding day. This act exemplifies how incorporating loved ones in life’s milestones can aid in the grieving process, reaffirming that they continue to play a significant role in our lives.

The potential impact of such remembrance rituals extends beyond personal comfort, encouraging others in the community to acknowledge and respect the ongoing importance of those who have passed. This actively challenges the societal discomfort surrounding death and loss, promoting a culture that honors past relationships as much as present connections.

Navigating how to support a grieving friend or family member can be complex, yet Breeanna emphasizes the importance of presence and personal connection. When supporting someone through grief, it is critical to let them guide you, providing comfort without pressure.

“She would let me talk about my sister when I wanted to,” Breeanna shares about a friend who supported her through loss. This friend’s adaptable approach allowed Breeanna to process her grief in a way that felt natural and unforced, exemplifying the kind of support that can make a significant difference to someone in mourning.

Understanding the broader implications of providing grief support, we learn that our actions can either facilitate healing or unwittingly prolong pain. By choosing to be patient, understanding, and responsive to their needs, we contribute to a more considerate and emotionally intelligent society.

As we absorb the honest reflections from Breeanna’s experience, it is clear that grief, while deeply personal, is also a powerful connection point. By considering each person’s unique path, fostering remembrance, and offering thoughtful support, we cultivate resilience and celebrate life. Grief can shape us, but it also teaches us the profound lesson of embracing every moment and living with intention, honoring those who’ve left imprints on our hearts.

Episode Summary:

In this heartfelt episode of the “Manifesting Photographer Podcast,” host Breeanna delves deep into the delicate topic of grief and loss, a theme that has greatly influenced her life. She sets the stage for a candid and intimate discussion, inviting listeners to explore the nuances of mourning and the journey towards healing. Breeanna bravely shares her own confrontation with grief, recounting the losses that have shaped her, most notably the traumatic event of losing her sister Audra in 2019.

Breeanna provides a recollection of her family’s losses and how she navigated them inadequately at times. With a profound understanding gained through her sister’s passing, she offers insights into healthier approaches to handling loss, including allowing oneself time for reflection, participation in rituals and traditions, and the importance of honoring loved ones in ways that promote continued personal growth. She also addresses listeners who might be in a supporting role, offering guidance on how to be there for someone experiencing the pain of loss.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “The best way you could have honored my life was to fully live yours.”
  2. “I chose to keep some memories for myself.”
  3. “The best way you could have honored me, now that you’d seen how easily life can be taken away, was to choose to truly live, to learn what it means to feel alive.”
  4. “They want you to be happy. And if they can truly see what you’re doing down here, aren’t you going to honor them better by being the best human and the best person that you can be?”

About the Host:

In this episode, Breeanna shares her personal and profound experiences by sharing an story of loss from her personal life. Breeanna is not just the host of the “Manifesting Photographer Podcast,” but she also brings her personal journey of navigating grief and finding healing into the spotlight. Breeanna is a wedding photographer with a passion for business, photography, and spiritual growth.

BREEANNA KAY’S INSTAGRAM:  @breeannakayphotography



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