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Should You Add Wedding Videography to Your Packages as a Wedding Photographer?

Filed in For Photographers — August 3, 2023


As a wedding photographer, you may be wondering whether it’s worth adding wedding videography to your packages. With the rising popularity of wedding films, offering both photography and videography services can be an excellent way to expand your business and cater to the evolving needs of clients. However, it’s essential to carefully consider the pros and cons before making a decision. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits and considerations of adding wedding videography to your packages as a wedding photographer.

Benefits of Offering Wedding Videography:

Expanded Service Offering

By adding wedding videography to your packages, you can offer a more comprehensive range of services to your clients. Many couples desire both beautiful photographs and a cinematic video that captures the emotions and moments of their special day. By providing both, you can cater to these preferences and attract clients who are looking for a one-stop solution. Many couples are also looking for cohesive editing styles between the two, which can lead them to look at getting photo and video through the same company.

Increased Revenue Potential

Offering wedding videography opens up an additional revenue stream for your business. Wedding films can have a higher price point compared to photography packages, so adding videography can increase your overall earnings. You might even be able to hit your first 6 figure year by adding on videography! This can help you grow your business and potentially invest in more advanced equipment or marketing efforts.

Synergy and Cohesion

As a photographer and videographer, you’ll have complete control over the visual storytelling of the wedding day. This allows you to ensure that your photography and videography complement each other seamlessly. You can capture moments from different perspectives, enhancing the overall narrative and creating a cohesive visual experience for your clients.

Workflow Efficiency

By providing both photography and videography services, you can streamline the workflow on the wedding day. Working alongside a dedicated videographer ensures better communication and coordination, resulting in smoother operations and less stress for you and the couple. This collaborative approach can lead to better results and a more satisfied couple.

Considerations Before Adding Wedding Videography:

Skillset and Expertise

Wedding videography requires a different set of skills and equipment compared to photography. Before adding videography to your services, assess your abilities and consider investing in training and equipment to ensure you deliver high-quality videos. Alternatively, you can collaborate with an experienced videographer who can complement your photography skills.

Time Commitment

Adding videography to your packages means dedicating more time to each wedding. The video editing process can be time-consuming, so be prepared to allocate extra hours to craft compelling wedding films. Assess your workload and availability to ensure that you can deliver on your commitments without compromising the quality of your work.

Investment in Equipment

Video equipment, such as cameras, stabilizers, and microphones, can be costly. Before venturing into wedding videography, evaluate your budget and decide whether you’re willing to invest in the necessary gear. Alternatively, you can rent equipment or collaborate with a videographer who has the equipment you need.

Client Expectations

Adding wedding videography means you’ll could be catering to clients with higher expectations. Wedding films are a specialized art form, and couples may expect a certain level of cinematography and storytelling. Make sure you’re confident in your ability to meet these expectations or collaborate with a skilled videographer who can deliver the desired results.

In conclusion, adding wedding videography to your packages as a wedding photographer can offer various benefits, including expanded services and increased revenue potential. However, it’s important to consider your skillset, time commitment, equipment investment, and client expectations before making the decision. By carefully weighing these factors, you can determine whether offering videography aligns with your business goals and will enhance the experience you provide to your clients.

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