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Iceland Elopement Guide – How to Get Married in Iceland

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Whether Iceland’s been on your bucket list for a while (I know it’s on mine!), or you stumbled upon epic photos of couples eloping amongst volcanoes, fjords, waterfalls, hot springs, and lava fields and realized that could be us – there’s no denying that getting married in Iceland would be an absolutely once in a lifetime experience! There’s no better time to explore a stunning country than your wedding day (combined with a honeymoon, of course). If you’re considering an Iceland elopement, this guide is for you.

We’ll talk about everything you need to know to get married in Iceland. You’ll learn the legal stuff, places to elope in Iceland and more!

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What You Should Know About Eloping in Iceland

There are a few things you should know about Iceland before we get into planning your elopement.

The Roads in Iceland

First, you should know what it’s like to explore Iceland. The island country has one main road going around it, called the Ring Road. You can stick to this road if you want to – and a 4×4 vehicle isn’t required. But, while the scenery around the Ring Road is absolutely stunning, it’s also very popular – most of these places are going to be crowded. 

You can find some secluded spots around the Ring Road, but if you want a truly private elopement day experience, you should hit the F-roads! This is because tourism has exploded in Iceland over the past few years. F-roads are Iceland’s mountain roads. F-roads go through the highlands in the middle of the country, and many of these are rough, bumpy, dirt roads. You’ll definitely need a 4×4 – in fact, many car rental companies will charge a steep fee if you take a car that’s not made for F-roads into the highlands. Taking these roads will give you an epic experience, and ensure some more privacy as you explore the less traveled spots.

Food and Gas in Iceland

As you head away from Reykjavik, you’ll notice that Iceland gets more and more remote. If you plan to travel around, be sure to fill up on gas every time you see a gas station, and stock up on snacks. Renting a cooler can be helpful. There isn’t much fast food in Iceland, so your options are usually cooking your own meals or going to a restaurant.

And while we’re on the topic, gas is notoriously expensive all over Iceland! Be prepared to pay at least $6 per gallon. Food can get pricey too, especially in the more remote areas.

The Best Time to Get Married in Iceland

One of the first things you’ll do when you start planning your Iceland elopement is set a date! However, Iceland isn’t exactly known for temperate, predictable weather, so here’s what you should know…

Summer is going to be the best time to elope in Iceland for most couples. The temperatures are much warmer, the sun actually comes out (sometimes – you should definitely be prepared for rain no matter when you tie the knot), and the roads are clear. However, keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable, so summer snow storms can happen in the highlands, and you should always have plenty of layers and warm clothes. The F-roads are only open in the summer. July and August are the best times to go if you want to explore farther inland and see the more remote spots!

There’s also tons of daylight in the summer. In some parts of the country, the sun doesn’t set at all! In winter, it’s dark for nearly 24 hours. Winter is the best time for an Iceland elopement if you want to see the Northern Lights, but it will be cold, icey, and dark! 

Spring and fall can be unpredictable – some years they’re temperate, others they bring snowstorms. Elope in Iceland in June, or in September for the best chance at good weather and fewer crowds. Getting married in Iceland right before or right after the peak tourist season (July and August) can be a good way to avoid crowds.

Iceland Elopement Locations – Where to Get Married in Iceland

One of the most exciting things about eloping in Iceland is the natural beauty! Choosing a spot to exchange vows can be difficult with so many options, but here are some of the best Iceland elopement locations.


One of the most incredible Iceland elopement locations is the famous Reynisfjara beach. This black sand beach is on the south coast. You can see the rocky coastline, the rocks poking through the water, and the incredible scenery as the waves hit the shore! 


Kirkjufellsfoss is a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by greenery, with the iconic Mount Kirkjufell in the background. This place is right off of Ring Road, so it is very popular. However, there are some secret spots nearby where you can go for a little more privacy.


This is one of the most unique Iceland elopement locations. There are mountains made up of colorful sediment, volcanic craters, and incredible bubbling geysers. Landmannalaugar is only accessible when the F-roads are open since it’s located in the highlands, and requires more driving. If you do go, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views, unique landscapes and both short and long hikes.

Getting Legally Married During Your Iceland Elopement

It’s often easier to do the paperwork at home when you plan a destination elopement. This way you don’t have to figure out marriage laws and can relax and have fun while abroad. 

If you decide to get legally married during your Iceland elopement, here’s what you’ll need:

You need a certificate of marital status. This states that there are no impediments to your marriage, and that you aren’t already married. The US does not offer these documents – which makes things a little tricky! Some states have a document that is similar, which is accepted by Iceland, but not all states do. Be sure to check with your local courthouse. You’ll also need to submit a marriage notification form, passports, birth certificates, and two passport copies for your witnesses.

Iceland Elopement Packages

As an Iceland elopement photographer, I’m all about couples who like to forge their own path! Your elopement should be unique to you. Because of this, my Iceland elopement packages are custom built specifically for your wedding vision. 

I’ll support your dreams, cheer you on, help pick the perfect spot and of course, be there to document everything! 

Contact me to learn more about Iceland elopement packages, and let’s start planning!

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