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Finding Happiness over Profit: Insights from the Fashion and Photography Industry

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes, Portrait

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes


Discovering personal fulfillment in the business world, especially within the high-stakes realm of fashion and photography, can be as elusive as it is rewarding. “Rebel CEO” podcast guest Hayley opens up about her journeys from hustle culture to happiness-driven careers, sharing wisdom that transcends industry boundaries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pursuing a career aligned with happiness and passion can lead to more fulfilling and authentic success.
  • Transition and change in one’s career path can be the universe’s way of nudging towards greater personal fulfillment.
  • Strategies such as journaling, setting intentions, and mindset coaching can help professionals pivot and flourish in new endeavors.

Embracing Change: The Universe’s Nudge towards Passion-Driven Career

When faced with sudden career shifts, Hayley’s narrative reflects the notion that such changes may actually be the universe’s way of steering us towards work that brings true contentment. She shares that losing clients before the pandemic felt like an inexplicable setback. However, it ultimately opened doors to a niche where she rediscovered her joy for photography.

“I literally felt, like, kicked out of the industry… But then the pandemic hit… I had actually met a creative agency… and that’s where I really started to be happy again shooting.”

The story emphasizes that while transition can be downright scary and filled with uncertainty, it can also foster growth and lead to more aligned opportunities. Businesses and individuals are constantly evolving, and so are their needs and passions. Hayley’s experience teaches us the value of staying receptive—even to uncomfortable changes—as they can usher in periods of intense professional and personal growth.

Prioritizing Happiness in Career Choices

For many, the pressure of choosing a career that brings financial stability often overshadows the importance of personal happiness. Hayley recounts her father’s advice following a stress-induced fainting episode at work: “Whatever you choose to do with your career, do something you’re passionate about, do something that you love. Don’t do something just for the money.” This anecdote stresses that while income is a practical necessity, it’s ultimately the alignment with one’s passions that leads to a fulfilling career.

This heartfelt counsel unfolds two important revelations. First, it highlights that well-being should not be compromised for the sake of success. Second, it imparts the notion that genuine passion in one’s work is a crucial ingredient for happiness and, quite possibly, for achieving long-term success that feels personally and professionally rewarding.

Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty: Journaling and Visualization for Clarity

Breeanna and Hayley’s exchange illuminates the importance of self-reflection and clarity when navigating career transitions. Hayley advocates for journaling and visualization exercises as tools to overcome anxiety and uncertainty. She suggests journaling not just to pour out worries, but to transform them into affirmations. Visualization exercises further aid in clarifying a person’s vision for their ideal professional life.

“I love journaling… and I’ll give myself a little pep talk where I’m like, today’s gonna be an awesome day.”

Through identifying core desires and reframing limiting beliefs, individuals can move towards a profession that resonates deeper with their values and aspirations. This mindful approach enables professionals to step beyond fear, make informed decisions about their career paths, and ultimately, to manifest their dream clients and projects.

Embodying Your Profession with Joy and Confidence

As our guests’ dialogue concludes, it’s clear that the journey to aligning one’s career with personal values and happiness is nonlinear and uniquely personal. By embracing change, prioritizing joy in work, and employing introspective strategies, professionals can navigate the ebb and flow of their careers with resilience and grace.

While the paths vary widely, the underlying message is that one’s happiness and inner peace need not be forfeited for traditional notions of success. Hayley and Breeanna’s experiences serve as testaments to the potential that lies in pursuing work that not only satisfies the wallet but also the soul. Regardless of industry, the quest for a career that embodies passion, happiness, and fulfillment is a profound journey worth undertaking.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Whatever you choose to do with your career, do something you’re passionate about, do something that you love. Don’t do something just for the money.” – Hayley
  • “There’s so much work out there that there’s no reason for us to not have a community where we can support each other.” – Hayley
  • “Sometimes trusting the discomfort and just kind of surrendering to it and letting go of that control of, like, the how and the when and even the why.” – Hayley

About the Guest:

Hayley Fisk is an accomplished commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, specializing in beauty and product photography with a focus on skincare and cosmetics. Celebrating over a decade in the photography industry, Hayley has worked with notable brands like Fenty Skin, Meaningful Beauty and Crepe Erase. Beyond photography, Hayley extends her expertise as a mindset coach through her venture, The Anxious Photog, where she mentors aspiring and established photographers in growing their careers. Her holistic approach to creative work emphasizes strategic, scroll-stopping imagery and upholds the significance of diversity, inclusion, and authentic beauty standards.


Tune into the full episode for more in-depth insights on aligning your career with your core values and the power of community support. Don’t miss out on more empowering episodes from the Rebel CEO podcast, your informative guide to entrepreneurship with a heart.

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