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For Photographers: My 5 Favorite Couples Photo Poses + Prompts

For Photographers

photo poses

Photographers – ever find yourself stuck not knowing how to pose your couples? I get it. It can be so difficult to get going during a session if you’re nervous or unsure of what you’re going to do with the couple! So today I wanted to give you my 5 favorite couples photo poses + prompts to use with your own clients!

photo poses

Before the Session

But before we get into it, remember that posing isn’t everything! It’s also incredibly important to get your couple in the right mindset beforehand. I like to get to know my couples before the session and give them tips to prepare. You can send them an outfit guide, suggest they go get drinks beforehand, and of course, ask if they have any concerns surrounding their upcoming shoot that you can address + relieve them!

photo poses

My number one tip for creating cute couple poses is honestly to just feel out the vibe of the couple! If they’re more introverted, quiet, or calm, then the outgoing or silly poses might not be for them! If they don’t like PDA, then maybe don’t prompt them to straddle each other and make out in a public park. And vice versa!

Basically, just don’t force them into anything you don’t think would feel right for them. Our job is to capture their genuine, authentic selves, not to make them Pinterest models. 😉

1. Walking + Holding Hands

This is a classic photo pose for good reason – it helps loosen them up and feels super natural to mostly everyone.

Prompt one partner to lead the other and look back at them. Have them switch directions and who’s leading when you say, “switch!” Start slow, then gradually start making them switch quickly. It’s a cute walking pose that usually ends up in genuine laughter. 

Bonus tip: You can even have them walk backward while doing this, just to add a little fun and silliness! (And make sure to let them know you’ll get plenty of photos if either of them falls on their butts)

photo poses

2. Grab the Butt

One partner gets a small head start and the second one has to chase them to get their butt. If the chaser gets it, they win! Have them running towards you so you can see their faces. This always results in lots of laughter!

Bonus tip: Give both partners a chance to grab each others’ butts – it’s not fair if only one gets to do it!

photo poses

3. Shoulder Sit

This is pretty self-explanatory, but have one partner sit up on the other’s shoulders! To make it even more fun, do lots of variations with their hands! For example, hold hands and airplane them around – and ask them to do plenty of airplane sound effects, of course.

Tell the partner on top to lean down and try to kiss their cheek, even though they usually can’t make it all the way down. Or tell them to throw their hands up and act like they’re at a rock concert!

Bonus tip: If your couple is silly/wants to have fun, have them spin around while they do this for some extra laughs and dizziness.

photo poses

4. Back Against the Wall

Pose one partner with their back against the wall, with the other facing them. They can look at the camera with serious faces to get that moody look. To get some movement, prompt them to play with each other’s hair, lapel, or other accessories!

For an even moodier look, have their bodies face straight toward the camera, with their heads turned to opposite sides. You’ll get that super cool cover shot that you see on the covers of romance novels!

Bonus tip: Wearing some sort of accessory is super helpful for this one, so they have something to do with their hands! Otherwise, they might feel awkward not knowing where to put their arms and not having anything to touch.

photo poses

5. Foreheads Together

For a super intimate, sweet photo, tell them to go forehead-to-forehead. They can give each other butterfly kisses or have one partner gently rub the tip of their nose up and down the bridge of the other person’s nose. 

Bonus tip: Keep their hands moving while you do this, so they don’t freeze up or feel awkward! Have their hands holding each other’s shoulders, neck, head, waist, or whatever you think is best.

I hope these help you get some genuine and sweet poses for your couples pictures! Come back to these poses and prompts when you need a refresh, or when your couple isn’t quite sure what to do – the laughs you’ll get out of these prompts are everything.

photo poses

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