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Brunch Weddings are Trending – Should You Consider One?

Filed in Wedding — April 24, 2023



Brunch weddings are trending for a reason! They’re elegant and fun, and the food and drink options are endless. Below, we’ll explore the reasons why you should consider having a brunch wedding.

It’s a Wedding that Won’t End at 11 p.m.

Brunch weddings are a perfect fit for those who want their festivities to be over before the sun goes down. If you’re having trouble deciding between a morning or afternoon wedding, there are many reasons why brunch may be the better choice.

First off, a lot of brides and grooms really aren’t night owls! With most traditional receptions taking place after 7 p.m., it’s easy to feel exhausted by the time you get home from your wedding. Brunch weddings typically start around 10:00 am and end around 1:00 pm–perfect timing so that everyone can enjoy a peaceful celebration together that’s more focused on the marriage than the open bar.

It’s an Affordable Option

Brunch weddings are a more affordable option than dinner. You can save money by serving more of the food yourself, not needing to hire a caterer, and not having to hire a DJ or band. You also won’t need photo/video coverage for as long because you’re not going late into the night like most dinners do.

It’s Not as Restrictive for Guests with Children

One of the best things about having a brunch wedding is that it’s not as restrictive for guests with children. Or if you’re having a child free wedding, it will be easier for guests to find a babysitter during the day than overnight.

Your Day Will be Memorable For Guests Who Are Used to Traditional Weddings

  • You can serve a variety of foods, including omelets and waffles with syrup.
  • If you and your partner prefer alcohol, there are many fun drinks that go well with a morning meal–mimosas and bloody marys are popular choices! Drink options are also endless; if you want to keep it simple with coffee or tea (or both) and opt out of alcohol altogether, go right ahead!

Brunch Weddings are Associated with Laidback, Fun Times!

Brunch is a relaxed way to have a party. It’s not like you’re having an all-night bender, but it does mean that you can enjoy your guests without worrying about them getting home safely or staying up too late. It also means that everyone will be able to stay awake for the entire event!

A brunch weddings is perfect for celebrating with friends and family who live far away from where the wedding will take place–they give people who aren’t able to make it out on time off work an opportunity to attend without having to travel at all hours of night or day. If there are any elderly relatives in attendance, this could be especially helpful; they’ll still get their chance to celebrate with their loved ones without having to leave the celebration early and feeling like they missed out.


If you’re looking for a wedding that’s fun, affordable and family-friendly, a brunch wedding is the way to go. It’s a great option if you’re on a budget, don’t have time to plan an extravagant event or want to steer away from an alcohol fueled party. Plus, you can serve delicious food that everyone will enjoy!

Although brunch weddings are a great way to be able to sit back and enjoy your day, here are some more ways you can be intentional with your wedding plans!

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