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Revolutionize Inquiry Responses to Boost Your Booking Rates!

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes, Portrait

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes


Key Takeaways:

  • Customizing your client approach based on their specific needs and values can significantly increase your booking rate.
  • Infusing personal touches and demonstrating expertise in your initial responses helps convert inquiries into loyal clients.
  • Adapting your pricing strategy to each client’s unique situation, while maintaining integrity, enhances perceived value.

In today’s saturated market, particularly in the realms of photography and wedding industries, standing out and significantly increasing your booking rates hinges on personalization and strategic client engagement. Rachel Traxler, a successful Wisconsin-based wedding photographer, and business coach, shared invaluable insights in a recent episode of the Rebel CEO podcast. Hosted by Breeanna Kay, the discussion centered around effective client response strategies, customizing service proposals, and navigating pricing objections, making it a must-listen for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike.

1. Customizing Client Responses for Enhanced Engagement

Understanding Inquiries on a Deeper Level

Rachel emphasizes the importance of going beyond generic responses when dealing with client inquiries. “When that inquiry comes into your inbox, figuring out how you want to customize your response to them that makes sense to them,” she explains. Rather than using canned responses such as, “Thank you so much for reaching out,” or “I love this venue,” she advises digging deeper into the needs and values of potential clients.

By analyzing the emotional triggers and basic human needs, such as Tony Robbins’ six basic human needs (certainty, variety, significance, love/connection, growth, and contribution), Rachel crafts personalized responses that resonate more profoundly with the clients. This method was succinctly outlined as follows: 

“If they value love and connection, in your response, you can respond to that and speak into why your photography approach is really good at capturing documentary style, because that documentary style is going to really relate and like, capture those types of love and connection, that type of thing.”

Utilizing Hooks in Initial Responses

Creating engaging hooks akin to compelling social media content helps in captivating potential clients right from the start. This technique can be crucial for establishing initial trust and compelling the client to proceed with further discussions. Rachel points out, “It’s your job to… bridge those gaps.”

2. Crafting Custom Proposals and Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Personalized Proposals for Unique Requirements

Rachel’s approach to responding to inquiries takes getting personalized, a step up. She stresses the importance of customizing proposals to enhance client engagement and satisfaction. Instead of static, one-size-fits-all pricing, she advocates for a more dynamic and tailored method.

“Say they maybe don’t know exactly what they want or they don’t know how many hours of coverage they want…then I know, okay, let’s get on the phone and let’s talk about things,” Rachel elaborates. This allows for a more engaging and satisfying experience for the client, making them feel valued and heard.

Implementing Dynamic Pricing Models

Dynamic pricing models, much like those used in the airline industry where no two passengers pay the same fare for the same flight, can also be effective for booking clients. Rachel likens this to wedding packages, asserting, “Instead of saying, ‘I’m going to charge $5,000 for every single wedding I do,’ like, maybe you find one wedding with really aligned clients that, okay, I’ll do it for 4000.”

Such strategies not only enhance the perception of value but also maximize the booking potential across different market segments.

3. Navigating Pricing Objections with Effective Communication

Communicating Clear Value Propositions

When faced with pricing objections, it’s crucial to communicate the value proposition more clearly and effectively. Rachel notes that objections often arise because the value is not sufficiently conveyed. “If your couples come to you with a set budget, it’s not always, their final price that they’re willing and able to pay. So you just need to communicate the value that you bring to the table.”

Effective communication involves not just addressing the monetary aspect but showing how the service or product satisfies the client’s needs and enhances their overall experience.

Adjusting Offers Based on Client Needs

Sometimes, adjusting your offers is necessary to meet the budgets of potential clients without compromising on the quality you deliver. Breeanna reflects on how flexible budgeting for her wedding videographer led to an optimal decision despite budget constraints. 

“If my alternative is not booking a wedding and I genuinely want to shoot that day and want to bring in that income that day, then that’s just the way that it works. And they get a sweet deal and I’m happy,” she shares, underscoring the need for flexibility and strategic adjustment.

Final Recap

Understanding and addressing the specific needs of your clients from the onset can set a strong foundation for successful engagement and conversions. Rachel Traxler’s insights into personalized client responses and strategic dynamic pricing can be revolutionary for those in the service-based industry. 

By using these methods in your client engagement strategy, you can not only elevate the perceived value of your services but also build solid, trusting relationships essential for long-term success. By continually evaluating and refining these approaches, as Rachel has illustrated, you not only meet but exceed client expectations, thereby driving your business growth.

By harnessing personalized interaction strategies, custom proposals, and addressing pricing objections through clear communication of value, businesses can significantly enhance their client engagement and booking efficacy. This methodology reflects Rachel’s approach to client management, a strategy that can be universally applied across various service-oriented businesses with profound results.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “When an inquiry comes into your inbox, figuring out how you want to customize your response to them that makes sense to them.”
  2. “A mistake that I see a lot of people making is…thank you so much for reaching out. I’m so excited. Congrats on your engagement. I love this venue, or this venue’s always been on my bucket list. Nothing about that stands out.”
  3. “If you’re responding to every single inquiry the same, I mean that’s probably a good indicator of maybe why inquiries don’t convert for you.”
  4. “Once you get that inquiry, crafting your initial response to customize things and doing a phone call or whatever that next step process, I like to do phone calls.”
  5. “The more you can customize things, the better. The more people feel a part of the process, the better.”


  • Rachel Traxler’s Instagram: @racheltraxler (Find all coaching, education methods, podcast, and YouTube channel)
  • Gold Biz Podcast: Hosted by Rachel Traxler
  • Rebel CEO Podcast: Hosted by Breeanna Kay

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About the Guest:

Rachel Traxler is a wedding photographer based in Wisconsin, also known for her expertise as a photography business coach and podcaster for the Gold Biz Podcast. With a heart for serving the creative community, Rachel has coached thousands of photographers, empowering them to significantly increase their pricing, book high-paying clients, grow their teams, and run successful businesses. Her innovative methods and relatable coaching style have set her apart as a leading voice in the industry.

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