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It's looking at your wedding gallery and film for the first time and knowing that the images capture people's souls. It's never understanding how beautiful you are until you can see yourself fully, completely immersed in all of the little moments on your wedding day.

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My hope is to make wedding days less about crossing items off of a shot list and more about being present in the real, raw and unposed moments.

documenting the moments that feel alive.

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6 Essential Business Strategies to Embrace Your Inner CEO

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Episode Summary:

In a world where entrepreneurship constantly evolves, standing out from the crowd demands more than a passion for the craft—it calls for an embrace of one’s inner CEO. In this podcast episode, Breeanna, a wedding photographer and videographer, dissects the transformation from being simply a manifesting photographer to a Rebel CEO. Her narrative is a blend of personal journey and professional insight, offering an unparalleled look into key strategies that catalyze success in today’s competitive business landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing a Rebel CEO Mindset: Shifting from a narrow professional identity to a broader entrepreneurial vision can open doors to innovation and inclusivity.
  • Crafting the Ultimate Client Experience: Personalized, high-caliber service fosters lasting customer relationships and industry distinction.
  • The Power of Intentional Branding: Authentic, cohesive branding transcends the visual, embedding your vision and values in every customer interaction.

The Heartbeat of Business: Rethinking the Client Experience

In the saturated ocean of entrepreneurship, the client experience serves as an anchor, grounding a business in reliability and excellence. Breeanna emphasizes that crafting “an unforgettable client experience is about going the extra mile to understand and to meet your clients’ needs.” By anticipating questions and delivering on promises, a business owner synthesizes trust and satisfaction, fostering clients who become enthusiastic advocates for the brand.

These interactions are the seeds from which a business’s reputation blossoms. Breeanna’s advice to “deliver on what you promise your clients in the time frame you promise it to them” is not mere business advice but the essence of reliability. Such an experience is not by happenstance but is then result of efforts to not only satisfy but genuinely enchant the client at every touchpoint. The impact resonates beyond the individual, contributing to a robust, positive industry perception and fueling the collective engine of brand loyalty.

The Magnetism of Branding: Beyond the Logo

Breeanna mentions that “branding is not just about creating a logo or a tagline… it’s also about crafting a holistic brand ecosystem.” The striking analogy of choosing her dream vehicle, the Ford Bronco, over a mere “convenient and cheap” Chevy Equinox exemplifies how a potent brand narrative can command customer allegiance and premium pricing.

Cultivating a Deeper Purpose: The Soul of Entrepreneurship

The cornerstone of lasting business influence is not only profits but in a more profound underpinning—purpose. “A deeper purpose is… the beating heart of your business,” Breeanna reveals. This core clarity etches a business’ character in its operations and radiates it through its communications.

Profit becomes not the end goal but a natural byproduct of a purpose-driven enterprise.

These strands, robustly intertwined, form the tapestry of not just a successful business, but one that holds the power to shape destinies and leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial universe.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “Changing my podcast name to Rebel CEO felt like the perfect way to encompass what it is that I think this podcast has been about all along.”
  2. “Crafting an unforgettable client experience is about going the extra mile to understand and meet your clients’ needs.”
  3. “SEO is a place where keywords and meta descriptions become your secret weapons in attracting kindred spirits.”
  4. “Your email list is a valuable asset that you own and control.”
  5. “By infusing your business with a purpose that evolves beyond profit margins, you leave a mark on your potential clients.”


Stay tuned for more valuable insights and tips that empower you to embrace your inner CEO and manifest your business’ true potential. 

About the Host:

Breeanna, or Bree, is not only the voice behind ‘Rebel CEO’ podcast but also a seasoned professional in the world of photography and videography. Bree makes her mark predominantly within the niche of small weddings. Based out of Roberts, Wisconsin, she has built a flourishing photography business over the course of nine years, with eight of those being full-time. Her journey from accounting to photography serves as an inspirational story for many looking to follow their passion. Alongside her photography work, Bree has extended her expertise into the realm of education, aiding other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals seeking spiritual growth through their creative journeys.

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