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Nicole + John’s Intimate In-Home Session | Cute Couple Photos

Filed in Portrait — August 27, 2021


The cutest couple photos come from authentic, genuine moments. I’m not a big fan of structured poses that make you feel awkward or uncomfy. I am a biiiiiig fan of embracing the messy, romantic BTS of your life together.

My recent shoot with Nicole + John was all about capturing raw, authentic moments between two people in love. 

These cute couple photos were so much fun to take because Nicole + John wore PJ’s, drank coffee, and read books in bed, just like they normally would! When they look back at this intimate session, I hope they see how special this season of their life is!

couple pics

Cute Couple Pics in Crosby, MN

We photographed Nicole + John in this Airbnb A-frame cabin in Crosby, MN and wasn’t it just PERFECT for this shoot?! The owners decorated it to have a simple, Scandinavian vibe. And the neutral aesthetics + unique architecture were the perfect canvas to let these two cuties just hang out and soak in the morning together. 

I’m obsessed with the big windows — which provided the best natural light for these couple pics. 

The inside decor was light and airy, and the view of Adney Lake was super romantic. Both were great assets to this session.

cute couple photos

We danced in the hallway….

They snuck a few kisses in while they snuggled on the bed…. 

What’s a peaceful morning in the cabin without coffee + cuddles?

It’s so beautiful when two people are comfortable sitting in silence. I could tell how much Nicole + John loved each other because of how happy they were to just be in each others’ presence! 

cute couple photos

The Cute Couple Poses

These cute couple poses feel so authentic because it’s something they would probably do on a normal day!

Nicole + John were just in their PJ’s, drinkin’ coffee and reading books in bed. This just shows that it doesn’t need to be complicated to get cute couples pics, and you don’t need to do (or wear) anything extravagant just for the sake of the photos!

cute couple poses

Because we photographed them doing something so organic, we were able to play around, do airplanes and capture photos that the couple can see themselves and their everyday life in.

This resulted in a lot of giggles, big smiles, and pure joy shining through in their faces! 

And I loved that they were able to relax and be fully present in the moment between the two of them instead of worrying about how they looked in their couple’s pics. 

cute couple poses

Planning Your Engagement Photos 

I’ve said it 100x before but I’ll say it again… make your engagement session an adventure! Find a sweet way to incorporate something intentional or meaningful!

There’s beauty in looking at your engagement session as more than a chance to just show up + snap some pics. Whether the shoot happens doing an activity you love, or if it’s in your first home together, or while you explore a new city… your engagement photos will be much more authentic to who you are when you commit to being present in the moment and spending time laughing and cuddling with your partner vs. forcing smiles for my camera.

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