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5 Amazon Items To Make Social Distancing More Enjoyable

Social distancing is forcing many of us into unfamiliar territory.

Since I work from home, I wanted to share some Amazon items that will make staying in more manageable.

Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother

If you’re the kind of person who thinks coffee always tastes better from a coffee shop, think again!

Social distancing might stop you from meeting up with friends and clients in the coffee shop setting, but it won’t stop you from becoming a master of lavender lattes in your own home.

I got one of these machines for my birthday last year. Since, I have been enjoying A+ drinks at home and significantly cutting down my coffee bill.

The Mr. Coffee machine is budget friendly, but the drinks are arguably as enjoyable as what you can make with the higher end machines.

Just remember to let the seam out of the milk frothing wand and clean it after each use!

Kindle Paperwhite

What better time to catch up on some reading than when you’re stuck inside the house?!

With a Kindle, you have more books than you could ever dream of reading at your fingertips. No trips to the library or the bookstore required.

The Kindle Paperwhite is my weapon of choice, but feel free to browse Amazon and see if another tablet or e-reader is more up your alley!

Adult Coloring Book

Social distancing can cause anxiety and coloring is a great way to cope with the added stress. This can be an awesome activity for children and adults alike!

Adult coloring books have been gaining popularity in recent years. Many contain intricate designs that will keep you entertained and give you a creative outlet.

This is simple and easy to overlook, but don’t underestimate the enjoyment that can come from this item.

Ring Fit Adventure Game for Nintendo Switch

Gyms have started temporary closures. If your normal workout routine has been disrupted, you might need a little incentive to stay fit from home.

I personally haven’t had the chance to try this one yet, but the game has a 5 star Amazon review and two thumbs up from one of my closest friends.

At-home workouts can be boring and uninspiring, so this is a way to keep yourself motivated and healthy while social distancing.

Disclaimer: You will need a Nintendo Switch to be able to play this Ring Fit Adventure Game.

Computer Desk

Many stores and schools have temporarily closed their doors to help minimize the COVID-19 spread.

If you’re one of the students or workers who is being forced to sign on from home, set yourself up with a workstation.

Having a desk or space that’s dedicated to getting your work done can boost your productivity and prevent you from getting suckered into that “Netflix and work” lifestyle.

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