Have you ever been caught off guard on the day of a wedding because you didn't know what was going to happen next?  Or felt obligated to stay later than you were contracted for because you didn't have a solid timeline?  ...Or do you just simply feel like you could be serving your couples better?!

The wedding day truly is about them, so asking questions to make sure you're set up to help them make their dream a reality is wildly important!

While those free-spirited, go with the flow types of weddings set my soul on fire, I understand that it's important to go into any wedding day with a solid plan. 

This questionnaire will help you to get to the heart behind your couple's wedding day, will give you all of the info you need to know to build a detailed timeline and will become a one stop resource for your everything you need to know on the wedding day and beyond.

Already have a CRM? No problem! I send my questionnaires out through my CRM too and would recommend keeping your questionnaires in that platform (usually Honebook or Dubsado) if they have a questionnaire tool available.

The value of this product is really in the questions, so you can copy everything into the questionnaires space on your CRM instead of sending out the PDF form.

Wedding Photography Questionnaire

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—  11 page Fillable PDF Questionnaire with important questions to help you build wedding timelines and serve your clients
— Additional Guide included to help you understand how to use the information you're collecting on your questionnaire
—  Instructions on how to use this document as a PDF in your business
— Email Template to send to your clients with this PDF document


How to Use

After you purchase this product, you'll receive a download link.

To implement this questionnaire as a PDF into your business, you'll use these steps:

  • email blank PDF document to client
  • have client download PDF document, fill out the form, save and email back to you
  • download PDF document and open using "Preview" on Mac or the Adobe Acrobat app on mobile
  • click text box while viewing in "Preview" to read any overflow text


I already have a CRM where I can send questionnaires. Is this product still something I can use?

Yes, absolutely! Although the PDF's are branded beautifully and are helpful to have if you're not set up with a CRM, the questions asked and information you will gather from these is where the real value comes in. 

If you already use a CRM (like Dubsado or Honeybook), I recommend copying the formatting and text included in this PDF to create a questionnaire through your preferred platform.

Instructions on how to do this are included with your purchase.

Can I use these PDF's on mobile too?

You can, but both you and your clients (if they're filling theirs out on mobile too) will want to download Acrobat or another app to help view and fill out PDF's.

If all of your client's text is visible within the answer boxes, you'll be able to read the document directly from their email.  However, if the text is larger than the answer boxes, you'll have to open it in the Acrobat app, then click on the text box and scroll to read their full answer.

— Product is for personal use only and may not be sold, reproduced or re-distributed in any way.  Files may not be shared with others for outside business use.

— Listing is for a digital download product. No physical product will be delivered. 

— Purchaser of this product has the rights to use the digital files as purchased in their business or to copy questions and formatting from the digital files into a CRM software or other platform to send to clients.

— Due to the digital nature of this product, item cannot be returned or exchanged.

— You will receive an instant digital download so you can start using this product as soon as it hits your inbox.

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