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How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Business and Reach More Customers

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Manifesting Photographer Podcast Show Notes

Pinterest has transcended being just a repository of recipes and DIY projects; it’s a versatile tool for businesses to increase their reach, visibility, and sales. The fascinating conversation on the Rebel CEO podcast with Molly, a marketing strategist specializing in Pinterest, sheds light on leveraging Pinterest for business growth. Molly Ho’s insights provide actionable strategies for entrepreneurs to enhance their marketing efforts with Pinterest, streamline processes, and tangibly improve their online presence.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of SEO on Pinterest: Using Pinterest as a search engine with tailored SEO strategies can lead to higher rankings and increased website traffic.
  • Harnessing Analytics and Trends: Pinterest provides valuable analytics and trends that can inform content strategy and align with audience interests.
  • Content Scheduling and Freshness: Regularly scheduling fresh content and strategic planning for seasonal and trend-based content can significantly boost Pinterest presence.

Understanding Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Pinterest is not just another social media platform; it’s a potent search engine with the capacity to direct traffic to your site long after your initial posting. Molly Ho emphasizes the importance of recognizing Pinterest’s efficacy as a marketing tool and investing time in its unique search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. When discussing her shift in focus from Instagram to Pinterest, Molly explains, “I started testing that out and it got me to, like, the page one ranking of a lot of the keywords I was trying to aim for pretty quickly.”

SEO in Action

For businesses, especially photographers with a rich visual portfolio, Pinterest can be a game-changer. Molly mentions that even when she doesn’t actively pin, Pinterest “is still driving a lot of my traffic and reach to my website.” SEO applied to Pinterest differentiates from traditional social media strategies, focusing more on what users are searching for and incorporating those keywords into pins and board descriptions.

Broadening Reach with Analytics

Molly also discusses Pinterest’s analytics, which provide insights into “other categories and interests” that a business’s audience might be interested in. These analytics tools “show you the age range of people that you’re reaching and where you’re actually reaching and all of that stuff,” enabling businesses to create even more targeted content, potentially boosting engagement significantly.

Strategies for Effective Pinterest Marketing

Once you understand Pinterest’s role in marketing, the next step is implementing best practices. Molly provides rich insights from the podcast on creating a Pinterest account that grabs attention and drives traffic.

Consistency and Fresh Content

Molly advises creating “three to five pins per day” to keep content consistent and fresh. Additionally, businesses should focus on creating vertical pins with clear, easy-to-read text that captures users’ attention, as Molly points out, “I see a lot of pins that their text is really small or I don’t really know what they’re saying.”

Profile Optimization and Board Management

A big part of being strategically sound on Pinterest involves setting up a business profile properly. Molly stresses the need to “fill out your profile, you know, your bio, your name” and to ensure board descriptions align with what potential clients are searching for—crucial for SEO value and visibility.

Utilizing Pinterest Trends and Seasonal Planning

Expounding on long-term strategies, Molly highlights the importance of planning in alignment with Pinterest trends and seasons. She notes, “Pinterest takes time to index your pins,” so timing your content around seasons or holidays should be done with foresight—”think about three to six months ahead.”

Tactical Use of Pinterest Trends Tools

The trends tool in Pinterest reveals what’s currently popular with users. Molly suggests this can guide content creation, providing once again an SEO edge by “making sure that you’re scheduling ahead… so that there’s no gaps in your marketing.”

Embracing Pinterest for Sustainable Business Impact

By integrating Molly Ho’s advice into your business’s Pinterest strategy, you cultivate a robust online presence that can yield dividends over time. The key is consistency, understanding your audience, and preemptively planning content aligned with user trends and interests.

Businesses should not only implement Molly’s tips, such as optimizing profiles, creating catchy, vertical pins, and utilizing analytics but also embrace Pinterest’s unique characteristics. The platform rewards fresh content, keyword-savvy posts, and caters to the long-game in digital marketing—where patience and planning are as important as the pins themselves.

By using the platform strategically, your business can enhance online visibility, drive targeted traffic to your websites, and build a lasting brand presence on one of the most potent visual search engines online.

With Pinterest, the potential for organic, sustained business growth is just a pin away. As Molly urges us not to give up “on the platform too early,” it’s clear that the key to success on Pinterest lies in persistent effort, smart scheduling, and staying on top of the ever-evolving digital trends.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Even the years when I don’t actively pin, I see Pinterest is still driving a lot of my traffic.” – Molly
  • “…my mind is always like, okay, what are people actually typing into the search bar.” – Molly
  • “Followers don’t matter as much on Pinterest because people can find your content anyway without being a follower of your content.” – Molly
  • “I see so many names that don’t include what they do.” – Molly on optimizing Pinterest profiles for better discoverability.
  • “I realized that the ones who have been on Pinterest and weren’t consistently pinning in the past, but they perform better, faster than the ones who start completely new.” – Molly on the advantage of having an established presence on Pinterest.


Tune into this episode of Rebel CEO podcast for insights from Molly Ho on mastering Pinterest and futureproofing your marketing efforts. 

About the Guest:

Molly Ho is a marketing strategist and manager specializing in assisting service providers, course creators, coaches, and educators with their marketing needs. She has made remarkable strides in enhancing businesses through streamlined marketing, enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies. Her expertise in Pinterest marketing has not only led to significant revenue generation on Creative Market but also to the creation of a course dedicated to helping photographers and creative entrepreneurs leverage Pinterest for their business growth.

BREEANNA KAY’S INSTAGRAM:  @breeannakayphotography

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