Ali + Kyle’s Fun Engagement Photos: Longboarding, Pizza, & More!

Filed in Portrait — September 17, 2021


These fun engagement photos with Ali + Kyle are EVERYTHING. Kohler-Andrae State Park in Wisconsin has beautiful greenery, golden sand, and shimmering blue waters…AKA it was perfect for their unique engagement photos. And you can never go wrong with a cute dog, pizza, and longboarding! All these pieces came together perfectly to tell Ali + Kyle’s beautiful love story. It’s obvious these two are meant to be!

fun engagement photos

We started off with a fun, beach pizza picnic. We cheered with some Arnold Palmers and got the party started!


Are you team pineapple on pizza?? I am, and so are these two! A Hawaiian pizza from a local pizzeria was a yummy way to celebrate their engagement season.


Ali + Kyle cuddled on the beach, and then started feeding each other to practice for their future wedding cake!

fun engagement photos

Find someone that looks at you the way this dog looks at the pizza.

fun engagement photos

With a view like this, it was impossible to not have a great time.

fun engagement photos

Cute Longboarding/Skateboarding Photos 

Longboarding is really important to these two, so some cute longboarding photos were a must! We got some photos of them standing with their boards, then a couple cute longboarding poses of them on the board together.

fun engagement photos

And their dog was clearly the star of the show – the best longboarder I’ve ever seen! 😉 

fun engagement photos

I love love how much fun Ali + Kyle have together. They were joking around and picking on each other for their awful singing, which was so funny. Then Kyle was being so sweet while they were longboarding, and kept telling her, “I’ve got you!”

fun engagement photos

Fun Engagement Photos

And if you couldn’t tell already, all their outfits were so dang cute & stylish. Their neutral denim, white, and black with pops of color were cozy and casual. I love Ali’s shirt here! Empowered women empower women. Heck yeah, girl!

fun engagement photos

And it’s so cute how they matched their pup’s bandana to her shirt.

fun engagement photos

I personally think the beach is one of the cutest places for unique engagement photos. Exhibit A: the spontaneous water fight in the lake! Ali + Kyle didn’t plan to get in the water but I’m so glad they did. Look how cute it turned out!

fun engagement photos

A huge scoop of love, a pinch of off-key singing, + a splash of spontaneity = the cutest engagement session! Congrats again to Ali + Kyle on their engagement 😉

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